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Littlejonny100's Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Tv Review

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Rated: 8

I don't believe it's fair to rate this anime yet, which is why I think presentation should compensate the dismal scores given above. Although elements fall short, in the end the anime does exactly what it's intended to do. It provides a very complex view of an oddly disturbed town, including a distorted presentation of the time frames involved. It also presents itself as very gruelling without creating the perception of blood for the sake of blood. Everything is there because it's supposed to be and there are few things thrown in for the sake of satisfying fans.

There is a constant 2 sided approach to create an air of mystery and tension, in the beginning of the series this is really quite frustrating however by the end it becomes acceptable as you finally start to receive answers.

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Littlejonny100's Air Gear Tv Review

Air Gear

Rated: 7

Ever play one of the 'Jet Set Radio' games?... Take away the spray-paint and you'd almost have Air Gear. The formula of Air Gear would fundamentally be a light touch of romance (both straight and slight yaio), a heavy touch of comedy (often twisted and perverted), mixed in with plenty of smooth, pulsing action. The action comes in two main forms, fighting and Air Trekking, whether that be joy riding or one of the many battles. These parts ultimately give an upbeat anime which acts are a near future portrayal of urban street life.

Another important sensation that is hard to define is the reaction you have when witnessing someone else's undying passion for a cause, the characters are passionate about Air Trek and in turn you also feel that urge to support them.

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Littlejonny100's Ghost Hunt Tv Review

Ghost Hunt

Rated: 7

This anime's most worthy audience would probably be a thirsty intellectual as it's thought provoking and at its foundation a detective fling. No fan-service, no meaningless exhilarations, just a juicy mystery and a conclusion. There's the inclusion of light humour so the series doesn't become overbearing. Each case is unique and if pulled over multiple episodes creates the longing for more, however a downside is that once a case ends, all questions are generally answered and although you're left with a lot to think about, the longing for more will end; that is until the next episode.

Although I rated the storyline as fairly average I think it really comes down to the presentation of the story as the redeeming figure.

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Littlejonny100's Kanon Tv Review


Rated: 8

Kanon is often seen as the sister anime to AIR as they both originated from the same company, so if you enjoyed one you should enjoy the other. Everything about Kanon 2006 is soft, beautiful and pure, emphasised by the ongoing theme of pure, white snow. If you have seen the original and are thinking "I know what'll happen. What's the point?" you are so very wrong, you'll probably enjoy this more than someone watching it for the first time.

A lovely comedy with multiple tear jerking events, Kanon is guaranteed to satisfy those who are after something romantic and innocent. As said before this isn't to be taken as reality as it is in fact shrouded with fantasy, only presented in a casual fashion so as to seem realistic.

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Littlejonny100's Utawarerumono Tv Review


Rated: 9

The anime genre would be adventure with plenty of action, that is lots of fight scenes but at the same time a great deal of warm humour, the type that creates that fuzzy feeling in some, so be prepared to fall in love with at least one of the characters. Looking at the characters appearances one would say it is of a fantasy genre as well however towards the end a few ideas of science fiction invade this, but that can be left for your own discovery. In saying that no matter what type of person or anime your into there is bound to be something for you to enjoy in either the plot and characters themselves.

Utawarerumono presents itself beautifully with a perfect mix of genres and characters complimenting an exciting but equally touching storyline.

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Littlejonny100's Yakitate!! Japan Tv Review

Yakitate!! Japan

Rated: 8

The title itself is a pun and this anime is dominantly comedic, however for non-japanese speakers a lot of its natural beauty may be lost as the puns, humour and cultural references used continuously throughout often play with Japanese language and culture, this is also good news for the anime purists as a translated dub seems highly unlikely. The humour itself is often cliched and there is a lot of repetition of biting the bread scenes along with their 'reactions', however although the same idea is overused, the method of approach is unique each time resulting is constant outbreaks of laughter.

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Littlejonny100's REC Tv Review

Rated: 8

I wish to pull together the last two sections and glorify the opening sequence, as I could watch it over and over. Upbeat song and a subtle summary of what the anime is about in both mood and general direction. If you don't enjoy the opening I would guess chances are you wouldn't enjoy the anime, but I couldn't say for sure because I did enjoy it.

As I said before you must remember that REC is short and sweet, and if this isn't kept in mind you wont be able to enjoy it as much. If you are out for short and sweet then I (unconditionally) guarantee this will leave you feeling good inside by the end. It has all necessary elements for a good anime in a nice even mix. It's about working life and does a great job of portraying the reality of it in a mostly realistic fashion.

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