Littlejonny100's Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Tv Review

Rated: 8

I don't believe it's fair to rate this anime yet, which is why I think presentation should compensate the dismal scores given above. Although elements fall short, in the end the anime does exactly what it's intended to do. It provides a very complex view of an oddly disturbed town, including a distorted presentation of the time frames involved. It also presents itself as very gruelling without creating the perception of blood for the sake of blood. Everything is there because it's supposed to be and there are few things thrown in for the sake of satisfying fans.

There is a constant 2 sided approach to create an air of mystery and tension, in the beginning of the series this is really quite frustrating however by the end it becomes acceptable as you finally start to receive answers.

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Littlejonny100's Air Gear Tv Review

Rated: 7

Ever play one of the 'Jet Set Radio' games?... Take away the spray-paint and you'd almost have Air Gear. The formula of Air Gear would fundamentally be a light touch of romance (both straight and slight yaio), a heavy touch of comedy (often twisted and perverted), mixed in with plenty of smooth, pulsing action. The action comes in two main forms, fighting and Air Trekking, whether that be joy riding or one of the many battles. These parts ultimately give an upbeat anime which acts are a near future portrayal of urban street life.

Another important sensation that is hard to define is the reaction you have when witnessing someone else's undying passion for a cause, the characters are passionate about Air Trek and in turn you also feel that urge to support them.

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Littlejonny100's Ghost Hunt Tv Review

Rated: 7

This anime's most worthy audience would probably be a thirsty intellectual as it's thought provoking and at its foundation a detective fling. No fan-service, no meaningless exhilarations, just a juicy mystery and a conclusion. There's the inclusion of light humour so the series doesn't become overbearing. Each case is unique and if pulled over multiple episodes creates the longing for more, however a downside is that once a case ends, all questions are generally answered and although you're left with a lot to think about, the longing for more will end; that is until the next episode.

Although I rated the storyline as fairly average I think it really comes down to the presentation of the story as the redeeming figure.

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